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Lincoln Park Boring Co. handles dimensional assessments of various types, including precision laser leveling and alignment. Every part that gets machined at LPB is dimensionally inspected by the machinist who made the part. Inspection Reports are filled out identifying all critical dimensions and features. With the aid of Bore Gages, Thread Gages, Granite Surface Plates, Height Gages, Electronic Levels, Surface Roughness Tester and Hardness Tester, we are able to meet and document all critical part callouts. Large part flatness, straightness and parallelism can be checked on our oversize Granite Surface Plates. Accommodating the accuracy of a very large parts is not a problem with the 120” x 156” x 40” Grade AA Surface Plate and 141” L x 8” W x 16” T Grade AA Custom Granite Parallel.

Parts that have extremely tight tolerances over a long distance can be laser inspected for flatness and straightness with a Hamar Laser L-740 Ultra-Precision Leveling Laser System. The L-740 Laser Leveling and Alignment System is the most accurate and easy-to-use surface flatness and straightness measurement system on the market today. It features a continuously rotating laser plane that is the flattest in the world, wireless targets and built-in 1-arc second level vials. Parts can be in process inspected and then finish machined to compensate for any deviation from finish part tolerance. A final laser report will be taken and provided to the customer to meet exact specifications within tolerance.



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Inspection Equipment

Hamar Laser, L-740 Ultra-Precision Leveling Laser System (2) L-740 Systems with Wireless Target
Specialty Granite Surface Plates 120” x 156”x 40” - Grade AA
60” x 60” x 10” - 5 Face Master, Laboratory Grade AAA
36” x 24” x 6” – 5 Face Master, Laboratory Grade AAA
8” x 141” x 16” – Custom Parallel, Grade AA
2” x 24” x 2” – Parallel, Grade AA
Granite Surface Plates 48” x 96” x 10” Grade AA
48” x 72” x 13” Grade AA
18” x 24” x 4” Grade AA
Bore Gages Fowler Bowers Electronic Holemike Bore Gages from .250” – 6.00”
Opto-Mike Bore Gages from .800” – 16.000”
Ring Gages Variety of common Bearing Pocket and Snap Ring Sizes
Thread Gages Large inventory of SAE, Metric, Pipe and STI Thread Gages
Hardness Tester Phase II PHT-1800
Surface Roughness Tester Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210
Electronic Level Mahr Federal Electronic Level
Height Gage 49” Starrett Master Standard Reference Bar
48” x 72” x 13” Grade AA
40” and 24” Mitutoyo Height Master

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