Vertical Turning & Horizontal Machining of a Flywheel for a
Heavy Equipment Application


Lincoln Park Boring offers custom flywheel manufacturing & machining services. We machined a large flywheel used in heavy equipment application for a client based in Michigan. Fabricated to customer-supplied prints and 2D AutoCAD drawings, the part weighed 40,000 lbs. Using our Bullard 124 vertical turning lathe and G&L 7" horizontal boring mill, the flywheel was machined from a normalized ductile iron casting. We achieved tight tolerances of up to +0.001 / -0.000 on the internal diameter of the flywheel and a concentricity of 0.001". On machining the component, the part surface was finished to 63 RMS. The part also underwent both ultrasonic and Mag-particle in-process testing.



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Vertical Turning & Horizontal Machining Project Highlights

Product Name Flywheel
Product Description This Flywheel is used in Heavy Equipment Application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Vertical Turning
Horizontal Machining
Equipments Used to Manufacture Part Vertical Turning Lathe - Bullard 124
Horizontal Boring Mill/Bar - G&L7"
Overall Part Dimensions 56" Long x 68" Outside Diameter
Tightest Tolerances +0.001 / -0.000 on Internal Diameters
Concentricity of 0.001 TIR (Total Indicator Reading)
Parallelism of 0.001 TIR (Total Indicator Reading)
Perpendicular of 0.001 TIR (Total Indicator Reading)
Material Used Normalized Ductile Iron Casting
Max Material Finish 63 RMS
Typical Machining Operations Vertical Turning Lathe:
  • Turn O.D., I.D., and Faces
  • Set-Ups For Roughing, Semi-Finishing, and Finishing
  • Critical V-Groove Sizing and Finishing
  • Critical Size, Squareness, and Concentricity of I.D. Bores and Faces
  • Critical I.D. Bores 32.000 Dia. X 48.50 Deep
Horizontal Boring Mill:
  • Large Diameter Rigging Holes 4" Deep
  • NPT Tapped Holes 11" Deep
  • Blind Tapped Holes on Large Bolt Circles
  • Part ID Stamping
In-Process Testing Performed Ultrasonic and Mag-Particle Testing
Estimated Part Weight 40,000 lbs
Industry for Use Heavy Equipment Applications
Delivery Location Michigan, USA
Standards Met Customer Supplied Print, 2D AutoCAD Drawing

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