Large Part Horizontal Machining

Large Part Horizontal Machining
Large Horizontal Machining

Throughout the Detroit, MI area, Lincoln Park Boring Co. provides horizontal machining services for prototype and short run production of a wide range of large components. With extensive production capabilities, including 3-axis machining as well as CNC controls, we can handle machining of components that weigh up to 70 tons. The components are fabricated to tight tolerances that include +/- 0.0005" for milling and +/- 0.0002" for boring operations.

Our machining capabilities allow us to custom machine large metal components to customer print specification. Materials ranging from aluminum and stainless steel to hardened steel can be machined by Lincoln Park Boring Co. These machining services are offered for components used in industries such as automotive, marine, machine tool makers, and industrial test systems.

We perform boring, drilling, milling, tapping, and reaming operations. CAD/CAM programming is created from customer supplied drawings in the proper format. We accept drawings and designs in different file formats, including DWG, DXF, and IGES.

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Large Horizontal Machining Capabilities

Processes (General Capabilities) Boring
Processes (Threading) Tapping
Additional Capabilities CAM Programming Services
Thread Milling
Industry Focus Aerospace
Mold Making
Paper and Pulp
Power Generation
Production Volume Minimum: 1 prototype & 1 unit
Maximum: 5 prototypes & 20 units
Short Run
Equipment Capabilities 4-Axis Machining Capabilities
CNC Control Capabilities
Automation Capabilities Continuous Machining
Materials (Metals) Alloy Steels
Bronze Alloys
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Materials (Exotic & Precious Metals) Inconel
File Formats DWG
DXF - Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
IGES - Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, ANSI file format.
PDF - Portable Document Format
STEP - Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
Max Part Dimension 36' In Length X 15' In Width X 12' By Height
Large Part Machining
Max Part Weight 70 tons/ 140,000 lbs
Tolerance (+/-) Boring: ± 0.0002 in
Milling: ± 0.0002 in/foot and ±0.0005 overall

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Equipment List

G&L H70 Floor Type CNC Horizontal Boring Mill 7'' spindle w/Tool Changer
X= 360'' Y= 144'' Z= 60''
G&L CNC Table-Type Horizontal Boring Mill 6'' spindle
X= 132" Y= 98" Z= 39" W= 72"
Cincinnati Gilbert Floor-Type Horizontal Boring Mill 5 3/8" Dia. Spindle
X= 288" Y= 144" Z= 50"

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