Vertical Machining of a Steel Cross Rail Assembly
for the Machine Tool Industry

Through welding, drilling, tapping, and large part 5 side vertical machining processes, we manufactured a large cross rail assembly for use by a machine tool maker. Made from 1010 / 1020 steel, the cross rail assembly measured 500" in length, 60" in width, and 60" in height. It also warranted 150 hours of machining time for production. Manufactured to the tightest tolerance of +0.005", the weldment was fabricated to ANSI and AWS standards. Prior to fabricating the assembly, the steel was subjected to stress relieving to AWS standards as well. A number of finishing services, including cleaning and painting were performed on the assembly before shipping it to our client based in Kentucky.

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Vertical Machining Project Highlights

Product Name Cross Rail Assembly
Product Description Large machined assembly for a machine tool maker
Capabilities Applied/Processes Vertical Machining
Overall Part Dimensions Length = 500 inches
Width =60 inches
Height =60 inches
Tightest Tolerances +.005/ -.000
Parallelism of .001 TIR (Total Indicator Reading)
Perpendicular to .001 TIR (Total Indicator Reading)
Material Used 1010 / 1020 Steel
Machine Time 150 hours
Typical Machining Operations Milling
Pre process performed Stress Relieve
Post Processes and Finishing Clean
Primer Coating
Industry for Use Machine Tool Industry
Delivery Location Kentucky
Standards Met Weldment to ANSI and AWS Standards
Stress Relief to AWS Standards

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